A Field Validation Study of the Quadri-Zone Comparison Technique

by James Allan Matte and Dr. Ronald M. Reuss


This field study tested and demonstrated the validity and reliability of the Polygraph Quadri-Zone Comparison Technique designed for Specific-Issue tests, using one hundred and twenty-two confirmed real-life cases from a Metropolitan Police Department and a Private Polygraph firm. The Quadri-Zone’s unique Fourth Zone accurately identifies and remedies the major cause (Fear/Hope of Error) of false Positive/Negatives and Inconclusives in Specific-Issue tests. The Quadri-Zone Comparison Technique correctly identified 91% of the Innocent as Truthful and 9% as Inconclusive, with no errors. It further correctly identified 97% of the Guilty as Deceptive and 3% as Inconclusive, with no errors. Inconclusives excluded, the Quadri-Zone Comparison Technique was 100% accurate in the identification of the Innocent and the Guilty. Inconclusives included, the utility rate was 94%. Blind Scoring of polygraph charts showed extremely high correlations for the individual and total chart scores with no errors.

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The full study was published in Polygraph, Journal of the American Polygraph Association, Volume 18, Number 4, 1989.
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