Expert Testimony

The admissibility of the results of psychophysiological veracity (PV) examinations generally require that:

(a) A proper foundation be laid by an expert formally trained in psychology, physiology or psychophysiology and have conducted published research in the field of forensic psychophysiology. While the foundation expert need not be a forensic psychophysiologist, he/she must me knowledgeable about the scientific and legal status of forensic psychophysiology.

(b) A critical independent Quality Control Review of the proffered PV examination must be conducted by a qualified forensic psychophysiology expert prior to its submission to the court.

(c) The proffered PV examination must have been conducted by a qualified forensic psychophysiology expert.

James Allan Matte, CPI is President of Matte Polygraph Service, Inc., and a fully qualified forensic psychophysiology expert who has performed the functions described in sub-paragraphs a, b, and c above. For more information about Matte, please refer to his credentials.


Dr. Ronald Merl Reuss, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus of Biology and instructor in anatomy and physiology, medical physiology, cardiovascular physiology, and muscle physiology at Buffalo State, State University of New York was a Lifetime Member of the National Education Association and Lifetime Member of the National Science Teachers Association. Dr. Reuss was the research partner of James Allan Matte in the field of forensic psychophysiology for twenty-eight years and co-authored five published studies which earned him Honorary Membership in the American Polygraph Association. He was previously cited on this website as an eminently qualified expert in laying the foundation for the admissibility of polygraph test results. Dr. Reuss passed away on 4 November 2009. Dr. Reuss’ educational contribution will continue to live in the minds of his former students and his work everlasting in the the discipline of forensic psychophysiology.